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People I Can Help:

  • Citizens who want to marry non-US citizens, in the US or abroad.
  • Citizens who want to lawfully hire non-citizens.
  • Citizens or non-citizens who blunder doing their own immigration legal work.
  • Citizens or non-citizens overwhelmed by the complexity of immigration law.
  • Citizens or non-citizens who received mistaken advice about immigration law.
  • Green card holders who do not want to lose their card.
  • Non-citizens who want to know if their arrest threatens their immigration status
  • Non-citizens who want to leave the US and return.
  • Non-citizens outside the US who want to enter.
  • Anyone who wants to know how being a non-citizen relates to taxpaying; driver license; home owning; bankruptcy; criminal offenses; voting; working; social security numbers; student financial aid; unemployment insurance; worker’s compensation; registering for selective service.
  • Anything you heard from a lawyer, a website, a newspaper, friends or family, about U.S. immigration law that you do not understand.
  • Non-citizens who are unlawfully present in the U.S., or who are not complying with the terms of their visa, or overstaying their permitted time, and want to understand exactly what is wrong or how to put things right.
  • Anything about immigration law that is too awful or too splendid to believe.
  • Anyone not sure about the legal underpinnings of the controversies about immigration law.